keto cholesterol

keto cholesterol

Refined oils like soy, corn, and canola are called refined, bleached, and deodorized (RBD) oils. [19]Refining reduces the nutrient content of oils, including vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. [20]Most available canola oils on the market are highly refined and lacking in antioxidants found in unrefined oils like extra virgin olive oil. What About the Studies?The studies on the health benefits of canola oil are sponsored by the canola industry, leaving critics to question conflicts of interest and call for more studies. Some evidence does suggest canola oil could negatively impact health. Inflammation, Blood Pressure, and Oxidative Stress Animal studies associate canola oil with oxidative stress and increased inflammation. Animals fed a canola oil diet had a significantly decreased lifespan and sizeable increases in blood pressure. Compounds found during the heating of canola oil spiked inflammatory markers. [21] [22]Memory Decline and Increased Body WeightAnimal studies also suggest canola oil could negatively impact memory and increase body weight. [23]Metabolic SyndromeA 2018 study involving 2,071 adults concluded that among obese or overweight adults, those who typically used canola oil for cooking were more likely to have metabolic syndrome compared to those who never or rarely used it. [24]Canola industry-funded reviews tout the opposite and link canola oil to beneficial effects on heart disease risk factors, including cholesterol levels.

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How will you ever make your reproductive hormones and reproduce without dietary fat? Some studies suggest that restriction of dietary fat can play a role in infertility [13]There are so many different types of fasting out there that it can be hard to keep up! There are dry fasts and wet fasts… eggs fasts and bone broth fasts. What about water fasting? What is it, is it beneficial, and what are some considerations you should take into account before trying it? What Is Water Fasting?A water fast is exactly what the name suggests. During the fasting window, you only consume water. No coffee, no tea, bone broth, or anything else besides water. This eliminates any potential for consuming foods or drinks that would break a fast. Water fasts are typically conducted for a 24 hour period but can be shorter or longer. Water fasts should not be conducted for longer than 72 hours without speaking to your physician first. What Is The Purpose of Water Fasting?Drinking lots of water is important during fastingWater fasts can be conducted for many reasons. Some people find that fasting after getting kicked out of ketosis or after of period of making unhealthy eating choices can help reshift focus and get your head “back in the game. ” Some people feel that fasting offers a feeling of mental clarity and lightness. It can also be a tool to help with mindset or because of the numerous benefits listed in the section below.

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There are a few different problems that are associated with aspartame–the first being cancer. Sugar-free diet highs.php">soda in a glassThis idea that aspartame can cause cancer was due to a published paper that indicated a correlation between aspartame consumption and cancer in rats. [1] This study, however, has been called into question many times. For starters, animal studies do not correspond well to effects in humans. No consistent data in humans have been published indicating that aspartame is linked to cancer. Additionally, the rats were fed doses of aspartame high enough to be considered unsafe in humans. This isn’t exactly equivalent to having a diet drink every once and a while. [2]Aspartame is an FDA-regulated food product. Its consumption is considered safe up to 50 mg/kg body weight per day. The European Union has a slightly lower safety measure at 40 mg/kg per day. To put that in perspective, if an individual weighs 150 lbs (68kg), up to 3,400mg of aspartame consumption per day is recognized as safe.
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