can you have thousand island on keto

can you have thousand island on keto

While we, in the keto community, already knew about the positive connection between avocado and health, it’s nice to see that current research is helping to spread the word!The keto diet has made national news once again and this time, the reason may be a bit far-fetched. Celebrity Jenna Jameson has (unfortunately) been hospitalized after being unable to walk due to a condition called Guillain Barre Syndrome. Jameson has used the keto diet in the past to lose an impressive 80 pounds of post-pregnancy weight. While she hasn’t been keto recently, reports are suggesting that her prior keto diet ‘may’ have worsened or even caused her Guillain Barre Syndrome. Let’s delve into the details regarding this erroneous claim. What is Guillain Barre Syndrome and How is it Caused?Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) was coined in 1916 when two French doctors, Guillain and Barre described the affliction in two affected soldiers who suffered paralysis, but later recovered.

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Meal prep for keto and fastingPreparing your meals in advance will help make sure you get the right nutrition and save time. Make sure to drink plenty of water during your fasting window. Consume enough electrolytes during your feeding window—if you have a difficult time getting enough sodium, potassium, and magnesium into your diet, try adding an electrolyte supplement. Download a fasting app (like Zero) to help you track your fasts and stay consistent. Have You Tried the Warrior Diet?Comment below and share your experiences! Did you enjoy it? Did it not work for you? Do you have any advice for someone wanting to try it for the first time? Let the community know!Whether you are the kind of person who likes to meal prep on Sunday and eat the same thing every day, or you like to cook something new each lunchtime, coming up with low-carb lunch ideas can be tough! After all, most American lunches include things like bread, rice, and pasta! Luckily, we’ve come up with five tasty lunchtime recipes for just about anyone!For the Person Who Misses BreadOkay, so before you went keto you were a PB&J or BLT kind of person, right? Well, luckily, there are plenty of great options for keto bread to help make your lunch low carb! If you follow a clean keto diet and avoid processed foods, we recommend using cloud bread. Cloud bread is low in carbs, easy to make, and it is a fluffy treat! low-carb lunch ideasIf you follow a dirty approach to the keto diet or don’t mind processed foods, pick up a loaf of your favorite keto bread (like the one from Aldi). Most stores like Walmart, Target, and even Costco carry it! Add almond butter and sugar-free keto jelly for a tasty low-carb PB&J lunch alternative. Add mayo, lettuce, tomato, and bacon for a scrumptious BLT, or tuna and mayo for a simple tuna sandwich. The possibilities are endless! For the Person Who Misses PastaYou don’t have to skip out on pasta entirely just because you are following a low-carb diet! There are plenty of keto alternatives to traditional pasta. From zucchini noodles, to Palmini, to shirataki and konjac noodles, you can definitely enjoy pasta without the carbs! Add your favorite alfredo sauce (or sugar-free tomato sauce), and a protein source, and you’ve got yourself a simple, yet delicious low carb lunch!low-carb lunch ideasFor the Person Who Hates CookingIf you refuse to cook your meals for lunch, you aren’t alone! Plenty of people out there hate spending time in the kitchen or just don’t have the time. That’s why so many companies have created simple keto meals that can be microwaved.

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What Is a Wheat Allergy?Wheat allergy is common in children and involves an abnormal immune response to certain proteins in wheat and wheat products. After ingesting wheat or wheat flour, symptoms of a wheat allergy include nausea, skin reactions, and even life-threatening anaphylaxis–an allergic reaction resulting in a narrowing of the airways and breathing difficulty. Celiac disease and wheat allergy are different, but it’s possible for someone to have both conditions. Wheat allergies are often diagnosed by allergists using skin-prick or blood testing. Gluten-free sign outside restaurantWhat Is Celiac Disease?Celiac disease is a serious inflammatory autoimmune condition caused by environmental and genetic factors. It’s estimated to impact around 1% of the global population. The prevalence of celiac disease is higher, around 2-5% in countries like Mexico, Finland, and areas of North Africa. [3] [4] [5]Celiac disease involves many bodily systems, but it’s mostly considered an inflammatory condition of the small intestine. Eating these grains damages the cells lining the small intestine (enterocytes) in those with celiac disease leading to weight loss, diarrhea, and nutrient malabsorption. [6]Celiac disease can cause other symptoms like anemia, dermatitis, and neurological problems. The condition is typically diagnosed by intestinal biopsy or blood testing for specific antibodies or genotypes.
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